A Super Powerful Rank Tracker!

Have you ever wondered how the content on your website is doing? Understanding where your content stands among a sea of other articles is something that can help you get the edge on your ranking positions in the SERP.

If you have a few articles, you’ve probably tried to Google your main keywords in hopes that your site will show up. That’s the manual way.

Well, now you can get an instant snapshot of this information with a tool called

What is

Nozzle is a tool that gives you complete visibility into all the data for any search engine results that are significant to your brand.

How does Nozzle work?

It works by crawling every single URL from Google Search Console. Then they store everything in our database. They do this automatically depending on how often you want the bots to crawl. So no matter where you go, whether it’s mobile or desktop, tablet or laptop, they crawl it all.

What are the benefits of tracking with

  • You can see what has changed if you watch the fluctuations in the SERPs. You will know when someone changes their content, or adds new pages, and so on. This means you have more control over how your site performs. It also allows you to track keywords that may not be as important but still give good traffic.
  • Which competitors show up the most in the top ten is what you want to know. If they’re ranking well then it shows that there is demand out there for them. The same goes for those who rank poorly – this tells us that people aren’t searching for these terms at all.
  • To see which domain has the most spots in featured snippets, video packs, image packs, local packs, etc. You can use Nozzle to gather lots of data about each page.

You have more enterprise-level SERP data than ever before, thanks to a keyword rank tracker. If you want an SEO rank tracker with all the data, give Nozzle a test drive today.

How does Nozzle compare to other SERP ranking tools?

With other tracking tools, you are tied to a single domain, and with Nozzle, you can track more than one search engine rank position at a time. Instead of single domains, Nozzle uses brands, properties, and URLs. They can even let you build custom rules that are more specific if that’s not enough. Powerful competitive analysis can be performed between brands, individual properties, and even URLs with these features.

You can analyze how to improve your website performance by tracking its rank in search engines. Understanding your market position is one of the benefits of rank tracking.

Nozzle gives you access to all the data relevant to your brand on a full search engine results page.

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