How To Setup Your Synology On Your Computer (Step By Step Pictures!)

  1. Type in the browser “” and wait for it to find your Synology NAS.
Searching for Synology devices - Tech Guide Central

2. Click on “Connect”.

Find Your Synology NAS - Tech Guide Central

3. Check the box to agree to the terms and click “Next”.

Synology End User License Agreement - Tech Guide Central

4. Click on “Continue”.

Synology Privacy Statement - Tech Guide Central

5. Once your computer finds your Synology NAS, click “Install”.

Synology Welcome screen - Tech Guide Central

6. Leave your settings to automatically download the latest version of Synology’s DSM and click “Next”.

Install DiskStation Manager - Tech Guide Central

7. It’s going to warn you that all the hard drives installed will be irreversibly erased so don’t leave anything important in there. Check the agreement box and click “Continue”.

Synology All data will be deleted - Tech Guide Central

8. Your Synology will start to format your hard drives, then download and install your DSM.

Synology Formatting system partition - Tech Guide Central
Synology setup Downloading - Tech Guide Central
Synology setup Installing DiskStation Manager - Tech Guide Central

9. It’s going to count down from 10 minutes while restarting and preparing your Synology.

Restating your DS920+ in 10 minutes - Tech Guide Central

10. Click on “Start”.

Synology Welcome to DSM 7.0 - Tech Guide Central

11. Fill in all necessary information like your device name, admin account, and passwords. Then, click on “Next”.

Synology Create an administrator account - Tech Guide Central

12. Keep the recommended automatic updates settings and click “Next”.

Synology Select an update option - Tech Guide Central

13. Create a Synology account or if you already have one, just click on “sign in”.

Create a Synology account - Tech Guide Central

14. Create a QuickConnect ID so you can access your Synology from anywhere. You can make up any name for your URL here.

Synology NAS from anywhere - Tech Guide Central

15. If you get an alert telling you that this QuickConnect ID already exists and is currently in use, you might need to “Cancel” and go modify it. If not, then continue on to step 16.

Synology NAS from anywhere - Tech Guide Central
Synology NAS from anywhere – Tech Guide Central

16. Copy and save your QuickConnect ID for your web browser and for your Synology mobile apps.

Synology QuickConnect ID ready - Tech Guide Central

17. We highly recommend checking both the Synology Active Insight and Synology Account backup boxes. Then click “Submit”

Synology useful tools - Tech Guide Central

18. Your account will begin set up and connecting and it may take up to 5 minutes to complete.

Synology connecting to computer - Tech Guide Central

19. You are now on the sign in screen. Your username is the same as your Administrators account back in step 11. Then, click the blue circle button.

Synology sign in - Tech Guide Central

20. Type in the password you also created in step 11. We also recommend you check the Stay signed in box if this is the main device you’ll be accessing your Synology on.

Synology enter password - Tech Guide Central

21. You’re now logged into your new Synology NAS.

Synology Desktop - Tech Guide Central

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