How to Encrypt and Lock a Shared Folder in Synology (With Pictures!)

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If you’re sharing your Synology with other people, you’re probably worried that someone might be snooping around. Yes, you’ve probably given them limited access to that specific folder but sometimes… things fail to work the way we want them to. There’s a way to completely lock out and literally hide a shared folder from any … Read more

How To Setup Your Synology On Your Computer (Step By Step Pictures!)

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Type in the browser “” and wait for it to find your Synology NAS. 2. Click on “Connect”. 3. Check the box to agree to the terms and click “Next”. 4. Click on “Continue”. 5. Once your computer finds your Synology NAS, click “Install”. 6. Leave your settings to automatically download the latest version of … Read more

Is Synology Hyper Backup Incremental? (What This Means For You)

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Does Synology Hyper Backup use incremental backups? Synology Hyper Backup does support incremental backups. What do incremental backups mean? Incremental backups are security copies containing files changed since the previous backup. What is the difference between incremental backup and full backup? The difference between incremental backup and full backup includes the following: Full backups are … Read more