Is Synology Hyper Backup Incremental? (What This Means For You)

Does Synology Hyper Backup use incremental backups?

Synology Hyper Backup does support incremental backups.

What do incremental backups mean?

Incremental backups are security copies containing files changed since the previous backup.

What is the difference between incremental backup and full backup?

The difference between incremental backup and full backup includes the following:

  • Full backups are as the name indicates. They are complete backups of all the files.
  • Incremental backups are backups of all files that were changed after previous backups. These could be incremental or full backups.

Why do you need to use a Hyper Backup’s incremental backup?

There are a few reasons why you need Hyper Backup’s incremental backup:

  • You can easily maintain backup plans as much as possible. This is done with the powerful customizing features of this software.
  • You’ll gain the utmost data protection by automatically running backups at convenient times.
  • You’ll have the ability to obtain as many backup versions as needed. You can also simultaneously, drastically reduce the use of storage with block-level incremental backup.

Benefits of Synology’s incremental Hyper Backup

One benefit of Synology’s incremental hyper backup is it takes up very little space. The other benefit is that it has the fastest running times when it comes to backups.

Limitations of Synology’s incremental Hyper Backup

Limitations of Synology’s Incremental Hyper Backup are:

  • A Synology NAS running DSM 6.2 or above is needed for versions of Active Backup for Business 2.1.0 and above.
  • A Synology NAS running DSM 6.1.7 or above is for Active Backup for Business 2.0.4 and earlier versions.
  • Active Backup for Business runs only on x64 Synology NAS servers with the system of the BTRFS file.
  • The only backup destinations can be the folders in BTRFS volumes.
  • Encrypted shared folders are not used for the physical server, backup PC destinations, or virtual machine backup tasks.

How to get started with Synology Hyper Backup

You start with Synology Hyper Backup by first setting up its app. Then, use it to back up the contents to the cloud storage service.

How to install Hyper Backup

Install Hyper Backup by doing the following:

  • After creating a bucket for your cloud service, log in to your web interface on the Synology device.
  • Click on the “Package Center”
  • Go to the “Hyper Backup” app and click on Install/Open.

How to prepare an external USB storage for backup

You can prepare an external USB storage for backup by using AOMEI Backupper.

  • You can usually install by default. Otherwise, download and install the package in the package center.
  • Then, open it up, click on the + button, click on the data backup task, and then click on the local folder and USB.
  • Click on apply for backing up data to the destination.

How to create a backup task with Hyper Backup

Click on the + icon to produce a backup task. Then, press the Data backup task link.

How to backup with Hyper Backup

You backup with Hyper Backup by utilizing the backup data task you’ve done earlier. Then, click on the “Back up now” link.

How to check backup statistics

Check backup statistics by selecting the backup task and clicking on the appropriate icon that will display the backup statistics window. Then, you must do the following:

  • In this window, look at the Destination Usage where you can see the disk space amount that the backup utilized on the destination device on every backup you’ve taken in a range of time.

How to check the backup version list

Check the backup version list, choose the task, and click the Version List link.

How to check backup integrity

To check backup integrity, you must begin at Hyper Backup 2.1. Then, go to task settings and the schedule links. Afterward, click on Backup Integrity Check.

How to perform a Synology incremental backup?

To browse files and folders from the backup, do the following:

  • Search by typing some parts of the document name you want to restore. Click on “Select All” or the discovered record to restore a significant amount of discovered documents and then click “OK”.
  • Browse for files by clicking on the name of the Windows backup. Afterward, click on the folder containing the first record. Then, click on the discovered record and then the “Add Files” link.
  • Browse for folders by clicking the “Browse for Folders” button. This will open the new folders window. Then, click the button for a great portion of Windows to restore the record in the folder. Next, click on the “Enter to” selection, and add a folder.

How to browse files and folders from the backup

To perform a Synology incremental backup, please do the following:

  • Launch Hyper Backup, and choose the backup task containing the files you want to browse. This will be on the left panel.
  • Click the clock time icon to observe the detail.
  • Then, you’ll have the option to download, restore, or copy to a local path.

How to restore your data with Hyper Backup

Browse files and folders from the backup by first clicking on the clock time icon. Then, you’ll see the “Backup Explorer”, which will displace all your backup data in the window.

Does Hyper Backup compress?

Yes, Hyper Backup compresses.

Does Hyper Backup deduplication?

Yes, Hyper Backup deduplicates.

Is Synology Hyper Backup safe?

Yes, provided that you have a reliable backup plan. With it, you’ll be able to retrieve data from various recovery points with minimal storage usage.

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