Is the Synology SSD Cache Worth the Price? (Everything You Should Know)

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The Synology SSD Cache is a device that caches and stores data on your NAS. This cache allows you to enjoy high application acceleration performance across all applications and greatly improve the overall system performance. This article will give you a good understanding of whether the Synology SSD Cache is worth your money and if … Read more

Is Synology Software Free? (Things You Should Consider!)

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Is Synology software free of charge? Synology offers their Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM) with the purchase of their NAS devices. Synology’s NAS products offer a great deal of flexibility and functionality, but the price tag for the hardware can be prohibitively high for some consumers. Purchasing a Synology device comes with a lot of apps … Read more

What is the Synology Surveillance Station? (The Complete Guide)

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What is the Synology Surveillance Station? The Synology Surveillance Station is a powerful yet, a free application available from within the official Synology website. It allows users to monitor their network traffic, view lives camera feeds, record video clips, and even remotely control devices such as routers or switches using SSH commands. It basically turns … Read more